Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Games and Atmosphere

So I was playing Killing Floor a while back on the offices map. We had found a spot to fortify into and were waiting for the round to start. We had about twenty seconds to doof around so I wound up staring out the rainy, blown out window. Just in those twenty seconds, staring at the flashing cop car splattered in blood and muddy rain, I got a feeling. The feeling of being with three other dudes, beaten and bruised, fighting off endless waves of experimental monstrosities. Alone, helpless, desperate. I made a little private prayer for safety. Then the trader said something sexual and British, summoning the screams of dismemberable specimens to be slaughtered. (alliteration x5 combo!)

Killing Floor is a cheap knock-off Left 4 Dead desperately trying to be more hardcore and also more British. It's no Silent Hill or Bioshock. Heck, its not even a Minecraft on the level of atmosphere. Yet even a knockoff with "generic bloody zombocolypse" as its world could make me feel a slight stirring of contemplative emotion, even if it was completely unintentional. I mean, its an overwhelming survival horror game that isn't as scary as it thinks it is. Well, unless you're being overwhelmed by the clot/gorefast hordes... so I guess it does accomplish what it set out to do BUT THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE CONTEMPLATIONS BLUH!
Maybe I'm just a sensitive moon-eyed woman type.
Or maybe this is the result of not playing anything outside of Wii and Gamecube games for most of my life.
*shakes fist at Wii*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Formation, Purpose, Links

I made this site to have a single place where I post everything that I create. My projects are spread out throughout different hosting sites, and I thought a blog was a good place to start to collect them.

Though this is basically like gathering up a bunch of scrap paper, gleefully stuffing them into a bottle, and chucking it into a garbage dump. But hey, social networking?

My Videos:
My Comics:
My Devart:
I'm not posting a link to the games I made because they were made, like, eight years ago and they freak out when played on anything more complicated than XP

Most of this stuff hasnt updated in ages, but I'm trying to get a comic up, so that may change.