Thursday, September 1, 2011


Movies today are just padding for action scenes. They dont have to act, write, anything. If they think a little and have a neat visual design, they can sell it even to geeks who think they know better. You dont know better geeks, you are being suckered in by the nerd things. Suckerpunch was literally three fight scenes, nothing more. Inception was a heist movie that barely wanted to sit still before it made some effects go PCHOO SHOOSH LOOKIE WOO. Scott Pilgrim, reportedly the most character-focused geek movie to come out, I dunno, in a while, was dull and simple. They hoped you were distracted by the pretty effect explosions and hot damn you were.

I thought, well, maybe I dont like movies at all. Maybe they're just too short, and I prefer the length and detail of a good book or comic. A lot of books and comics are just trying to be action action kabam whee fwoosh, but whatever. You cant do that shit well in a book, so a lot of it is actually made up of stuff.

But I'm in a film class now, and I have been taught. There were once movies that actually had.... actors. And, and, extended story sections that werent fucking exposition.

These days, movies are all spectacle, light and sound. Maybe its because they cant compete with TV or whatever when it comes to story and characters. Two hours is a short time. Or maybe hollywood is a soulless machine that presses the thousands of people involved into hotdogs. Whatever.