Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Body Language

Whenever I try to draw, I always like to use a lot of body language. I'm a big fan of animation speaking for itself, a big fan of visuals saying more than words. So I guess I've been trying to imitate Miyazaki for a while, with emotive hair, excessive shoulder movements... well, I don't think the shoulder thing is Miyazaki, so, maybe I'm just making stuff up.

But when I draw, its still only ever two independent bodies blabbing at one another. The last time I actually drew two bodies in contact it was just someone helping, carrying the other. And even then, they were like two separate beings, they didnt really interact. Allis didnt show how disgusted she was by this, Marke was kinda limp, but otherwise didnt really react to Allis carrying him.

But right now I'm writing a really dumb fanfic romance thing to prep myself for a big longterm project. And through it, I've found a new visual dynamic, the realm of lover's touch. Or... hate's touch? Trolls are weird, and I'm not making them any less weird in this fanfic. BUT ANYWAY.

Up until now, I've only made people move and dance and do whatever in separate spheres. Its a wonderful new idea, having these two characters almost move as one. Qilock doesnt just square his shoulders angrily at Minika, he tightly grips her shoulder and forcefully pushes her aside. To this, Minika doesnt just emptily move, she resists, and shrugs it off as part of the game. A scene I'm drawing now, Minika's cellphone device thing goes off. but as she pulls it out to look, Qilock grabs her hand to look too. Phisical contact, the close intersecting of personal spheres, only allowed by lovers. They dont need words to display how close they are (though I shamefully use a lot of them) all they need are a few key scenes of singular movement, actions that dont just react to one another, but act as one.

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