Monday, April 18, 2011


I just got a shiny new graphics card along with Team Fortress 2. It's a blast to play, and my experience with Killing Floor makes me a little bit better than the standard newbie. I still run up against crazies who can kill me halfway across the map as a Scout, but most the time I feel like I'm on a level playing field. That's not why I'm writing, however.

There seems to be two different philosophies surrounding medic, characterized by two types of people. Those who yell at me for only healing one person, and those who yell at me for trying to heal many people.

Heavy/Medic has permeated through gaming culture, its known to be an unbeatable force. I've been accused of cheating while using this combo, which is an accusation that instantly evaporates when I remember how many times I've been killed right out the gate doing this. But most the time, you stick to your damn heavy, because they're out in the open and taking massive damage. But then somebody screams for medic halfway across the map, and yells at me in chat for not healing them.

However, when somebody runs right beside me and is hurt, I try to offer them a quick blast of heal beam. loosing any number of team member in the arena is fatal, especially in big groups. But even if my primary target didnt die in the meantime, they'll be screaming for me constantly while I'm gone.

I guess this somewhat reflects the hectic nature of the game. You cant see whats going on at every point. The medic must have just abandoned you for no reason. I get this from scouts... they scream for medic, demand I follow them, and then run off like doofuses. I cant keep up scouts, why do you waste my time?!

I try to stick to a primary target, and priorities go from Heavy to Soldier to Pyro to Demo to Engineer. The other three are ridiculous to try and heal constantly. Scout goes to fast, Sniper would only die in one hit anyway, and why the hell are you giving away the Spy's position??? But if somebody runs by me and is hurt, then I'll try to quickly heal them and get back to my primary target.

In closing, man this game is fun! Besides Medic, I tend to go for Scout, and my favorite modes are Arena and King of the Hill. If you see Blondie_Brownie, THATS ME!!!

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