Sunday, April 17, 2011

Writing Practice

I was planning on writing about my favorite video games in my next post. But I guess you'll have to wait, non-existent readers. Soon, internet. Soon.

Right now I'm trying to write an essay about Soulstealing in ancient China, and all I'm really doing is staring out a window. My only sentence is about how the information was gathered, and that doesnt really lead to much. So, my invisible audience! I am going to ramble here for practice! Then I'll have enough writing juices going to get back to my paper! I mean ditch the paper and go play Team Fortress 2! This plan is flawless! I'm going to make every dollar! I'm going to use every exclamation mark!

Okay, okay, Chinese soulstealing, specifically a panic in 1768. It's funny, because the upper class and the emperor didnt believe in that hoodoo. They were really intent on preventing panic as, you know, a panic was totally going on. On the local level, random strangers were being picked up and tortured for a confession, which was totally legal and even encouraged in certain cases. But not in this case. See, you're supposed to actually know somebody is guilty, and under some weird law code, you cant convict anyone unless they confess. So you torture them to get a confession. The emperor was completely disappointed in everybody, because they misused the pure criminal busting power of torture. Also, all the sorcerers were seditious commie bastards intent on taking him down and they needed to be PUNISHED!!! Then in October of that year (the scare started in March) the sorcerers were found to be not sorcerers, and the entire scare vanished. Poof! Book over! Except for a bit where the author says Hungli's grandson was way more betterer at handling dark magic.

See, I can write a silly and sarcastic version of my paper. I could go on and on for ages about it, I know this scare and its components backwards, forwards, and flipways. But I've already gotten points torn from my fingers for using any kind of metaphor or slang term, and my Chinese teacher is going to totally deathglare me if I turn in six pages of quips.

But those quips got me A's in other classes! Even when I completely write the paper wrong, teachers are freaking enamored with my possession of voice. You read a million droning I-dont-care-doing-this-for-the-grade papers, and you'd go gaga over a couple quips too.

Ah well, paper! Ahoy!

So I wrote my paper as seriously as I possibly could, going over and over it to make sure it was all proper and correct. And the teacher still said I wasnt taking it seriously, that I wasnt writing correctly, and knocked me down to a B+

Okay, my style of writing is a little train-of-thought like. With improper grammer structures abound. But... she really picked on this, and it killed what she actually considered a well-put-together paper.

Probably because she's foreign. "This is the right way to do it! Why dont you use the right way?!"

Ah well...

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