Thursday, May 5, 2011

Writing Practice 2

Is my blog meant to be a primary source of entertainment? I mostly made it to be a collection of random art, but it only seems to be a collection of random thought. And I havnt exactly made much lately... a vaugly bleach-ish guy who's powers are based on smoking, (man this Big Eyes Small Mouth game is fun!) but nothing is completed towards my comics...

However! I do have to write a paper! Time for a sarcastic version of it!

This whole class has been about Britain being made of racism, and to show how racist they are, we read a bunch of books by people from India. And a book by Jack London. He's an American author, it's that one guy who wrote White Fang. But he has London in his name, so that's almost good enough!

I'm not writing my paper about London. I'm writing my paper based on A Passage to India and The Satanic Verses. India is all like "Man, this cave is SUPER creepy. Why the crap are we looking for the real India? The final ingredient was bromance." So on, so forth. Verses is all like "THIS MAN IS GOD. AND ALSO MOHAMMED. AREN'T I DELIGHTFULLY ZANY?!" I am going to mash these two books together to make a SUPER BOOK. With crazed introspection and mundane zaniness on my side, no one will ever stand up to me again! I will RULE THE WORLD!!! Bwahahahahahaha!

No, I mean, I'll write a paper about the complexities of self-identification when the world has already identified you. People already have an idea about who you are based on where you're from, not necessarily on what your skin color or religion is. This is the basis of racism in Britain. America had a history with black slaves, so racists tend to judge people based on color. Britain had a history as a colonialist empire, so racists judge people and label them by the country they came from. This makes all of Britain confused, because the races are just different cultures, which makes racism perfectly acceptable, right guys? We can have white power because we're a culture too, and all those other people can have thier culture power, and it's cool. right? I may be getting a skewed view of Britain by this teacher lady and her British National Party deathglares...
It doesnt make racism any more acceptable to have the race lines be parallel with culture lines. It just makes things more confusing as they appear to be perfectly defining classes of people.

These books are racist in that British way. In the "our cultures are irreconcilable" kind of way. But even though the cultures are different and its hard for people to understand one another, neither British or Indian people are making the effort to cross that gap. In Passage to India, both groups just stop at their assumptions, and any interaction only reaffirms their ideas. In The Satanic Verses, if you can get past the incongruous I AM MOHAMMAD part, reactions based on looks are exaggerated by the main characters' transformations into an angel and a devil respectively. Except the book is about the characters coming to terms with their own identities, and then seeing it backfire in the form of a weaponized magic lamp... um... never mind, this book doesn't make a lot of sense, but that means I can claim absolutely anything about it. Thank you arty bullshit! Yet again you have saved the day!

This isnt helping me write my paper much, huh. No, it is giving me a better idea of the direction. Yeah.


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