Friday, June 17, 2011

Art Update: Good God, What Have I Done?

I made... a monstrosity. A two-day distraction from real work on my comic. A tribute to MASCLE!!!

And yet it still taught me some things, especially about shading. Its better to have clean strokes that look like they know what they're doing, rather than having hesitant little lines that are very exact.

Which is something I shouldve already known, because that is a very important aspect of drawing. Seriously, if you're very specific on where the lines should go, it starts looking like a mess.

But yeah, a fun distraction. Submitted it to a contest, because I could use the money. I hope it goes somewhere!!!

EDIT: BAHA! Yeah right, even someone who has a moderate profile is dragging thier fans into this, so numbers, the sole judge of this contest, is going to rate the people with the most previous fans the best. Not that people shouldnt go support thier favorite artists... but it means theres absolutely no chance for no-namers trying to get thier work out, where human judges might pick out underviewed works. Of course then you have the bullcrap of taste getting in the way, soooo there's always gonna be issues. But even if my comic goes up, I doubt I'd win, unless a miracle happens.

Dang, and I needed that 300$! >< Financial issues...

The numbers-only thing sounds good in theory... heck, I liked the sound of it when I read it. And then I remembered that this is the internet, and the gap between the big-namers and the absolute nobodies.

Ah Well.

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