Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best Worst Art?

You ever draw a throwaway panel, trying to make it look as ridiculous as possible with clashing colors and thrown together shading? Have you ever zoomed back from that image, blinked, and realized that you've created something that not only looks good, but looks better than everything else you've drawn? I mean, I was avoiding making my character designs complicated; I know eventually I'd wind up spending three days detailing five billion lace ruffs in the name of FASHION. And then I draw THIS:

He looks like Some kind of anime character based around hunting or some crap! He is wearing no fewer than three headbands! Two of which are on his wrists! His Bracer looks like those polished chunks of iced dirt! Why does this look so coooool?? How did I shade this so well? It actually looks cell shaded instead of like... pillow shading.

I may be going for a soft style but... not fluffy marshmallow pillows soft.

I dont know how to cell shade, yep. Anything good I draw is outta dumb luck, for I am Le Amateur MaxTreme, Das Maximum.

UPDATE: I really, really hate when I draw something better than I usually do, and I'm not sure why its better. Looser linework? Sparcer shading? The lack of necks?! Blargle! Why do I have no friends with a good technical eye?!

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